Hibernation | Sarajevo war theatre (SARTR) | Sarajevo, BiH [21/04/2009]
Photo Credits: Bernhard Gál


HIBERNATION aims to explore the limits of the audience’s perception. By using intermedial means of artistic expression, its intention is to carry the listener/viewer through different states of awareness. Further, it is a demonstration of belief that our own realities are just our own projections, a result of subjective, personal perspectives. Ultimate truth is unreachable. In HIBERNATION, the sound projection has the function of a bounding tissue between different conceptual components. It is a fundamental parameter, one that directly influences all other components. One of the main sound components is a voice recording of George Byron´s poem ‘Darkness’. The video part reflects the subconsciousness of the hibernating beings, the emotional void of the commander, as well as the vortex of time. The minimalist stage lighting symbolizes openings in the space-time continuum.


Year 2053.

The commander of a space shuttle, a genetically engineered insomniac, freights the cargo: hibernating human beings. In their imposed dreams, they are travelling through an unknown dark space, unaware of their final destination, unaware of the reason(s) of their voyage, unaware of the time that passes. Awakening, so it seems, is impossible. Dreamless reality belongs to the Commander. But, on the 235th day of the voyage, suddenly, something totally unpredicted happens: DICS (Dream Emposure Control System) is starting to collapse, it stops transmitting the dream streams. In sheer horror, Commander realizes that he is confronting an unsolvable enigma.

To whom belongs the reality?


Duration: 27 minutes
Actor: Artist itself
Video requirements: Video projector (quietest projector available), Projection screen, cables, Notebook (windows OS – VLC Player installed)
Audio requirements: PA stereo system (loudspeakers, stage mixer)
Light: 2x Philips PAR 38 Economy-Flood lights-blue, 2x dimmer for Philips PAR 38 Economy-Flood lights-blue,1x concert glow stick Mega 10″, Remote controllers, Cables
Effects: 2x small Fog machines, Remote controllers, Cables
Scenography: 2x Hibernation pods (height: 180cm, width: 100cm, length: 160cm_Material: polyester, plexiglass_Colour: dark silver/gray), Control panel box (height: 110cm, width: 80cm, length: 40cm;_Material: wood_Colour: dark silver/gray), 2x Window dummys (male and female, without hair, naked)
Space: Very dark silent space with stage (theatre, concert hall, intermedia space, church, etc.)
Other requirements: Technicians; cables, adapters, working space, etc.

Versions: Hibernation [2009], Hibernation 0.9 [2021], Hibernation [Video]

List of performances

Hibernation@Sarajevo war theatre (SARTR) | Sarajevo, BiH [21/04/2009]