for bass flute and quadrophonic sound projection, 2011

A collaborative composition by Belma Bešlić-Gál & Bernhard Gál

Premiere: Vera Klug | Stift St. Peter – Romanischer Saal | Salzburg, Austria [13/11/2011]
Video Performance: Vera Klug | Atelierkonzert – œnm . ganz privat 15 | Künstlerhaus | Salzburg, Austria [30/01/2013]
Audio and Video recording: Bernhard Gál © | Video editing: Belma Bešlić-Gál ©


This is the first joint composition by the Austrian composer/sound artist Bernhard Gál and the Slovenian-Bosnian composer/pianist Belma Bešlić-Gál, preceded by the concert projects Vortex and Void, and an artistic cooperation regarding the interdisciplinary art project Sterngucker. The act of composing is commonly regarded as a solipsistic activity, which more or less rules out the possibility of creative teamwork. This collaboration is an experiment where individual aptitudes, mannerisms and modes of operation, as well as specific conceptual and technical approaches at creating music are united under the umbrella of a mutual aesthetic perspective.

Audio recordings of sand are the prevailing source materials of the electro-acoustic part of flut, the first compositional collaboration of Belma Bešlić-Gál and Bernhard Gál. The envisioned relationship between the singular and the whole is already reflected in the nature of the used sound materials: For the human ear one single grain of sand remains largely inaudible – the polyphony of the mass is needed to obtain a perceivable sonic experience – the individual sound events of innumerable sand grains conflate into a single gestalt, the unanimous sound of sand.

At the same time, acoustic features of the bass flute and its unique playing techniques are understood as additional grains of sand, merging with the electro-acoustic sound projection. The objective is to create a consistent sonic experience composed of interwoven yet discrete elements.

flut came into being at the suggestion of the composer Hossam Mahmoud and has been premiered in conjunction with his project „Oud Plus“ at the Stift St. Peter in Salzburg in November 2011.

flut has been selected as Austria’s official contribution to the World New Music Days 2013.


Duration: 9‘
Instrumentation: Bass flute, Sound projection
Equipment: Four-channel audio system

Performers of premiere: Vera Klug (bass flute); Bernhard Gál (sound direction)
Premiere: Stift St. Peter – Romanischer Saal, Salzburg, November 13th, 2011

Support: Land Salzburg (working grant)

List of concerts & radio broadcasts

Bass flute: Vera Klug | Stift St. Peter – Romanischer Saal | Salzburg, Austria [13/11/2011]
Austrian National Radio Ö1 – Zeit-Ton [03/02/2012]
Austrian National Radio Ö1 | Zeit-Ton Porträt. Belma Beslic-Gál. Gestaltung: Rainer Elstner [17/04/2012]
Bass flute: Vera Klug | live recording session #177@amann studio | Vienna, Austria  [23/06/2012]
Atelier für Neue Musik, Radiofabrik, Salzburg [15/07/2012]
Alto flute: Aleš Kacjan | International Computer Music Conference | Ljubljana, Slovenia [11/09/2012]
Bass flute: Vera Klug | Atelierkonzert – œnm | Künstlerhaus | Salzburg, Austria [30/01/2013]
Bass flute: Eva Amsler | The Sixteenth Biennial Festival of New Music | Opperman Music Hall, The Florida State University | FL., USA [02/02/2013]
Bass flute: Doris Nicoletti | Austrian Cultural Forum | London, UK [15/05/2013]
Bass flute: Monika Štreitová | ISCM World Music Days  | Studio 5 | Bratislava, Slovakia [10/11/2013]
Bass flute: Doris Nicoletti | Ensemble Kontrapunkte | Musikverein | Vienna, Austria [13/04/2015]
Bass flute: Elisa Azzarà | IGNM @ prattica E | Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten | Graz, Austria [14/11/2015]
Austrian National Radio Ö1 – Zeit-Ton [15/12/2016]
Bass flute: Sylvie Lacroix | PHACE »Adventures in Wonderland« | Konzerthaus | Vienna, Austria [30/01/2019]
Bass flute: Sylvie Lacroix | PHACE »Adventures in Wonderland« | Kurhaus | Hall in Tirol, Austria [08/02/2019]

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